Friday, November 21, 2014

My Tanning Ritual!

Hey There,
Yes you read the title right.. this is my tanning Ritual, and what a ritual it is. As some of you may know I have been diagnosed with a serious condition known as Pale Irish-Girl-itis. The symptoms are pale freckley almost blue skin. 

As a result of this I have been on the search for the perfect self tanner for years and trust me I have tried my fair share from high end to bargain basement. To my dismay I found that I was like the goldilocks of self tanners. This one is too orange, this one is too patchy, this one is too expensive. Well let me tell you I have found the one that is JUUUUST RIGHT, and that of course is Cocoa Brown. 

Here is my fool proof tanning routine. 

I use Cocoa Brown "TOUGH STUFF" to prep my skin for tan. I use this the night before all over my body focussing mainly on the knees heels and elbows as these areas CLING onto tan. I also use this to remove tan before applying a fresh coat. Tough Stuff retails for €5.99 and is available in Penneys and most good pharmacies.  

When you exfoliate it is really important to use a moisturiser, as your  skin can feel stripped. I love the Bath and Body Works Sweet Pea moisturiser. It contains vitamin E so it is really nourishing for your skin  and it smells AMAZING.

Tan Application:

For the longest time I saw people talking about this tan and all I thought was...

A. There is no way a tan this cheap can be good.

B. How can it work in an hour?

Even when I saw this amazing results pic from Millie Mackintosh rocking Cocoa Brown, I still doubted it but it definitely sparkled my curiosity!!

Well the sceptic has been proved wrong move aside St. Tropez there a new Queen in town and it is literally a third of the price. 

I use the 1 hour tan from Cocoa Brown at €7.99 it is a serious bargain. The mousse is really easy to use and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin... Even on my face!!! 

A lot of tans promise "no fake tan scent" but this one literally has no smell and it it brown not orange!! It contains tan accelerators so you get results quicker. I generally will leave it the full 3 hours for a deeper tan before showering and it lasts for me around 4 days.  

I just apply the mousse with a mitt: 

1 HOUR = Light Glow

2 HOURS= Medium Glow

3 HOURS= Dark Glow

The only downside for this product is that there is no guide colour it goes on clear. I am well willing to overlook that though, as the results are amazing!! It is now available in dark which I will definitely be trying as I love a deep tan. 




As I mentioned above the tan lasts around 4 days on me. To make sure that the tan fades evenly I keep my skin really moisturised. I use the bath and body works moisturiser to do this. When I want to remove the tan I just use the TOUGH STUFF exfoliator and the removes all of the it. 

Cocoa Brown is available in most Irish pharmacies and Penneys Stores. 

For those outside Ireland check it out here:

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Thursday, November 20, 2014

#ITWBN Meet-up take 2!

Hi Everyone, 

Two weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of attending the "into the west Blogger Network" meetup in the Glenlo Abby in galway of you want to find out more about my day please check out my video here.

I had an amazing day thank you so much Sineád ( everyone else involved in makeing the day so informative and fun!! 

Here are some of the pictures from the goodie bag and swatches!

This is the "nude tude" palet swatches. Top image no primer and bottom image put a lid on it primer.. The difference is amazing!!

Cotton Face vintage 

Stella and Dot 

Pia Galway

Little Pea Juices 

Yummy Mummy aka Sineád 

Saibh Egan 

Into the West Blogger Network:

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Blue Had Me at Hello!!

From head to toe Blue has been all over the catwalk for AW14. Obviously as a Makeup addict I was more concerned with what the models were wearing on their faces and not so much the clothes on their backs.

At Giles and Julien McDonald the blue was incorporated using shaddow which was heavily blended to give a softer look while still packing a punch. 

These looks are obviously beautiful but my favourite use of blue had to be the strong graphic cobalt blue liner that  Aaron de Mey created for Kenzo. 

I loved this so much that for the recent ITWBN meetup I had to try my hand at it! 

I used the Lancôme Art Liner in Sapphire. This liner literally does not budge on the eye and is so pigmented. I have used this liner for years (not this exact one...that's nasty ha). This was the first high end liner I ever used when I was 16 or 17 and even though I have other favourites now I know I can always go back and the Art liner will never fail to please. 

I absolutely love this look and if you'd like to try it I would highly recommend the Art Liner to achieve this graphic FW Trend! Go to your nearest Lancôme counter to try it out. 

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nailing it in Paris!!

At the recent Into the West blogger meetup we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Wendy and Colin from iNailz! They were there to show us the newest inovation in nail art. 

Inailz distribute digital printers that can print any image onto your nails. Clearly I went for nails emblazoned with the Queen Bey....BEYONCÉ! After patiently waiting to wear them I finally got my oppotunity last Friday when I attended the On The Run tour in Paris.

I used the glue that came with them and they were so firm on my nails and lasted me for 3 days which is a plus as there is nothing worse than nails that just fall off. They also come with stickers that are pre glued I didn't try them so I can't really comment but I feel that generally they don't last as well as glue.

iNailz is available in select salons and also can be ordered by email. For more info go to I will definitely be getting some more in the very near future. 

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

My First Blogger meet up #ITWBN

Last Sunday I had the absolute pleasure of attending the ITWBN meet-up in Galway. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sineád from for organising this amazing networking event! 

The event was held in an ideal location in the centre of the city. the Gaslight bar and brasserie is open each day for coffees and scones from 10 and then Food served from 11am each day till 10 at night. 

We were met with great little cocktails as we entered the venue. They were absolutely delicious I felt like Carrie sipping cocktails in SATC as I networked with all of these amazing bloggers.

Midway through our day we were given delicious gourmet sandwiches, wraps, cheeseboards and other delicious nibbles.

Just as I thought the amazing good was over....we were presented with this beauty.... can we just have a moment of silence for this DESERT PLATE! 

I want these chocolate moose things in my belly now. Thank you so much for everything from the extremely friendly staff to the quick service and relaxed modern atmosphere. The Gaslight Bar and brasseries is definitely worth a visit ladies and gents! 

Now onto the actual meet up its self I learned so much from all these bloggers. I really felt like a lot of things behind the blogs are really confusing so it was so nice to speak to like minded individuals and learn from them!!

Each lucky person left with a goodie bag from McSharry's pharmacy and the contents will be spoken about in much more detail in various posts I have planned for the future. Thank you so much for then generous gifts that we received.

That's not all though, I couldn't finish this post without mentioning the AMAZING surprise I got off the special guests at this event They came from Dublin to show their revolutionary printers. These are like nothing I have ever seen before these lazer jet printer can apply any image to your nails.....and I mean anything this goes from Kim K Crying to my Queen Beyoncé!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Wendy, Colin & Treacy for giving me these amazing nails and at only €15 a set I will definitely be getting some more! Of you wanted to know what true joy looked loke you would have just had to take one look at me after I got them ❤️

Thanks to everyone who made the day as special as it was. Can't wait to meet ye all again!! A special thanks to Saibh Egan who's photos I've used in this post thank you for making me feel like I was being papped like the celeb I am ha!!

Thanks for reading,
Jen xx


Susan Gaynor

Anna Siobhan McDonagh

Deirdre Cribbin

Jen Morris

Margaret McGauley

Emilee Jayne Lohan:

Saibh Egan

The Galway Player

Sinéad Carroll

Siobhan Mary Leonard

Ana Elizabeth Aguila

Seana Curley

Stephanie Buckley

Rebecca Casserly

Emily Maree

Jessica Thompson

The Falconette

Ruth Kemple

Lorna Ruane

Neil Joyce

Neasa Conroy

Aidan Judge

Regina Finan

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Don't spend....just Brows!!

I once saw a quote that was something along the lines of "I never knew as a child how important brows would be to me" I am definitely a strong believer in that saying! 

I normally use Browzings by Benefit. I ran out recently and I just happened to be a bit low on the dolla dolla bills so I decided to try the sleek version of the Pallette and I am so glad that I did!!

There are 2 parts to this kit a Wax for shaping the brows and and a setting Powder. It comes with tools to apply but I generally just use an angled brush to apply it and then just brush through with a spooly. 

The wax is much looser than the benefit version, I had to use a lot less of this to get the desired effect. Overall I absolutely love it and I'll be purchasing it again! Coming in a €9.99 this is a steal compared to Browzings which costs €34.

So tell me what your favourite brow products are!

Thanks so much for Reading,



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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Tanya Burr Lip Glosses

So as many of you know I am a big fan of Tanya Burr if you don't know who she is yet...have you been hiding under a rock?? She is massively popular on YouTube and seems like such a sweetheart so when I found out that I Tanya was releasing a line of cosmetics needless to say I was excited. 

The range which was brought out in conjunction with Eye Candy has lip and nail products but I am so bad for looking after my nails so I just went for the lip products. 

There are 12 colours in the range, from a deep red to the perfect daily nudes which surprise surprise I went for. All the glosses and varnishes are named personally by Tanya so it adds a bit of a special touch to them as it's clear to see she is so involved in their production! 

My favourite name has to be "Smile, Dream,Sparkle" I literally bought it without even looking at the colour!!!

The formula is really creamy and not sticky at all. The smell was amazing literally smelled exactly like strawberry Hubba Bubba. I found them really long wearing and the colours were beautifull. 

If you saw my instagram you would have seen the colour I was reaching for all week was "Afternoon Tea" and I was paring it with Angel lippy by mac it is literally the perfect daytime pink I'm obsessed with it ❤️ 

So I will be definitely purchasing more of these. At €9 each on Feel Unique they are so reasonable for the high quality of the product you are getting.  

I seriously can't wait to watch Tanya's Brand grow from strength to strength!!

Thanks so much for Reading,



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